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11:00 AM  -  5:00 PM


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"Best sandwiches I've had period. Of all      the sandwich shops I've been to from        Portland, Maine to Portland, Oregon,        Break Bread is on another level in terms    of price, quality, and service."

                                        - David G

"This is hands down the best sandwich I        have ever had. And I eat sandwiches at        least every week (if not more). I consider      sandwiches to be a personal passion."

                                        - Alex K

"The Credible Hulk is possibly the best        sandwich I've ever had. I'm just visiting      Portland and am definitely going to be      craving this place when I go back home."

                                        - Allison K

"Truly an exceptional sandwich shop. Get      the Dutch crunch bread option. Can't go    wrong with the #1, steins, chubby puggy,    banh yu, or credible hulk."

                                        - Blake G

"I feel a sense of betrayal that no one has      told me about the "Dutch Crunch" bread    at Break Bread. I had it today.                       It changed my life."

                                         - Nate P


Break Bread is a locally owned sandwich shop with big flavors and delectable combinations of made-in-house deliciousness

We take pride in working closely with local businesses such as 

Dos Hermanos, Pacific Coast Produce, and Portland French Bakery 

We are incredibly proud to be one of the only

small shops in Portland to offer

full health care to all our long term, full-time employees

We make most things in house and only use freshly baked bread every day.

We truly take pride in what we do and hope it shows in our food.

Come Break Bread with Us


H O U R S  


Monday  -  Saturday

11:00 am  -  5:00 pm

Closed  on  Sunday

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A D D R E S S 

1106  NW  HOYT  ST

PORTLAND,  OR  97209

P H O N E 

(971)  339 - 9015